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Accident at Work Compensation

Have you had an accident at work? Then call Mercury Legal Online on 0800 122 3130. Alternatively, use our compensation calculator to see how much you can claim.

Accidents at work are common place in the UK and look set to rise as the working population grows and more of us are spending longer hours in the workplace. Sometimes accidents are just that – accidents that no matter how tragic or serious the outcome, maybe simply could not have been avoided or foreseen by either the employer or employee. However all too often accidents at work could have, and more importantly should have been avoided by simply following correct Health and Safety procedures designed and formulated to keep us safe from harm.

Employers are under a legal obligation to provide a safe working environment along with a safe system of work for all of their staff. These broad obligations can cover a number of items ranging from full and proper risk assessments, provision of adequate safety equipment, maintaining machinery and tools right through to making sure wires or cables are not left lying around as tripping hazards. In short, there is no simple straightforward definition as to what does or not constitute an actionable accident at work and the best way to find out if you may have a claim for compensation is to contact the experts – Mercury Legal Online.

All too often we hear from our clients that they did not contact us earlier because:-

“I was worried it may affect my job”

Perfectly understandable. No one likes to “rock the boat”, especially in these unsettled economic times. Employment legislation is firmly on your side in this regard; your employers cannot penalise you for bringing a claim against them. Contact us free of charge and without any obligation whatsoever, and we will discuss this with you. If following our conversation you do not wish to pursue a claim that is your decision and our discussions will remain strictly confidential.

“I’m worried that it may cost my employers too much money”

Again perfectly understandable and very admirable. A number of us are very loyal to our employers and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. Even if we think that our bosses are to blame for our injuries we do not want to see them put in a position where they are struggling financially. This is especially true of smaller or family run businesses. All employers by law have insurance policies and it is the insurer who will pay out your compensation and our legal costs if it is shown that your accident was caused by your employer’s negligence – much the same way as you claim off the other person’s motor insurance if you are unlucky enough to be involved in a car crash.

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Time limits do apply to all personal injury cases, accidents at work included, so if you think that you may be entitled to compensation contact us now to see if we can help on a no up front fee basis.

Contact us now either by completing our claim form or request a free call back and one of our solicitors will be able to talk to you about making an accident at work claim.

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